Welcome to GR9 Communications!

Hello friends and friends-to-be,

I currently work as a full-time marketing consultant for Salem Media Group and feel blessed to do so since it is such a wonderful company and one that shares my values.

Salem Media Group focuses largely on radio broadcasting and while I will be focusing more on that medium, I am still happy to help with almost any of your other public relations needs.

Please take a moment and visit the links to my business philosophy, resume, and recommendations from others.

I welcome your comments and, of course, if you or anyone you know needs assistance with his or her marketing, advertising or other PR needs, I am very grateful for the referrals.

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Doing the right thing is good PR

We should always strive to do the right thing; to be generous, thoughtful and polite, regardless of the positive (and sometimes even negative) attention it may get us. Often times though, we reap a hundred-fold what we sow in a very positive way, as is the case with young Joey Prusak, manager of a Dairy Queen in Minnesota. Read the story here. It’s not only heartwarming but will give you faith in the often maligned younger generation.

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